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Learn Block Coding, Coding in Python, HTML, Javascript and Robotics(IOT and Sensors)


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math these four disciplines form the core of STEM.

Python with AI

Create applications that have artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc features embedded in them

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PI Code Club at a Glance

Pi Code Club is an institution specializing in scratch, Python, Raspberry PI, and block coding aiming to provide the STEM/STEAM in education, enabling young minds to get the latest in online learning education across the world. PI Code Club currently offers Many different programs for age group 5 – 15 years

We follow a systematic sessions plan and have a well-integrated curriculum that not only encourages children to be more hands-on also promotes practical learning of STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering & Maths) using block coding and Raspberry PI Kits. Our objective is to enable school/college to introduce these programs to students in a fun & scientific style.

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Block Coding

Python & AI

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Coding, Robotics & Computer Lab


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Coding, Robotics & Computer Lab

3 in 1 Lab in your Campus

Code Club (Block Coding, Python, A.I)

Code Club in your Campus

Robotics Lab (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, I.O.T)

Robotics Lab in your Campus
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