PI Code Club in School

School Code Club

PI CODE CLUB is introduced in your campus to encourage the young mind to experiment, discover and create Exciting stories, Animation and Games. Explore the code world through Drag and Drop action. Not Only the Software, PI CODE CLUB comes with 10-20 latest Raspberry PI based Computer with Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. It can be used as a regular computer as well as a tool to learning coding. Training to the Teaching staff would be provided including a detailed manual on every software and step by step curriculum.

PI CODE CLUB is a concept to encourage young minds to develop their logic and creativity, Team Building, Confidence and networking among themselves, thus making the fear of technology befriended for overall development. We have built a simple and workable model suitable for Schools to integrate in your Syllabus. Young Minds will explore the digital world practically by experimenting and developing loops and functions with scratch, HTML, Python

Skilled Instructors

Online Classes

Integrated Syllabus

Robotics Kits

Block Coding

Python & AI

20 Computers


Launch PI Code Club

Start Coding Club, Robotics Lab with our Computers & Kits

Skill Development

Learn Block Coding, Coding in Python, HTML, Javascript and Robotics(IOT and Sensors)


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math these four disciplines form the core of STEM.

Python with AI

Create applications that have artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc features embedded in them

Learn - Share - Explore

Unlimited Possibilities