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Concept :

Robotics & Coding in India is picking up slowly and steadily. The problem faced in the educational domain is that robotics is been offered as an fun activity rather than a learning tool.  Availability of components, Cost and reach is weak.  Lack of innovation and new ideas from the educational institution is a big deterrent factor.

On the flip side children are adapting well to new and latest technology changes happening around comparing to the peers.

Concepts taught in the school are theoretical. Robotics with STEM can bridge the gap for easier understanding of concepts and encourage innovation and DIY concepts which will help them to understand the concepts better.

Benefits For Schools

Benefits For Students

Code Club :

It has been proven that learning coding helps students to enhance creativity, persistence, Develop problem solving and critical thinking capacity. Block coding helps students in learning coding without learning Complex Languages such as Java or PhP. By using Block coding student can build their own story, learn animation build a game by just dragging the Box and dropping into coding area

Robotics :

If you are looking to help your students build robots then Pi Code Club can support you in this. Through our Robotics Lab set up, you can convert your Computer Lab into Robotics Lab


  1. Raspberry Pi Based Computers :

With the advent of technology more and more Educational Institutes are replacing traditional PCs with new technologies. Raspberry Pi Based Computer Labs are based suitable for Education Institutions as they are Less Expensive, More Efficient and having No Maintenance Cost. We are providing 20 (as per student strength) Raspberry Pi Computers plus one Server in the Institute

  1. Staff

2 Full time staff to mentor students for project

3.  Classwise Syllabus

       Syllabus desiged by experts in accordance to New Education Policy for Coding and Robotics

4. Kits and Components

Kits and components for Coding and Robotics for primary and secondary students.

  1. Online Portal for Learning

Students will get subscription to online portal which will be a knowledge hub for teachers,     students, parents and mentors.

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