3 in 1 Lab

PI Code Club 3 in 1 LAB

3 in 1 Lab from Pi code club one brings Code Club, Robotics Lab, Computer Lab together to get the most out of Computer Lab. 3 in 1 Lab is an alternative Computer Lab consisting of FOSS (Free and Open Source Content) for learning, Tools for Experimenting, Skills (Scratch,HTML5, Python) Projects for STEM Development. projects are step-by-step guides for children to follow to create animations, games, websites, and much more. Students will build up their programming skills as they move through the projects.

Skilled Instructors

Online Classes

Integrated Syllabus

Robotics Kits

Block Coding

Python & AI

20 Computers



STEM, Block Coding, A.I, Electronics, DIY Projects Robotics

Skill Development

Story Telling, Animation, Game Development, Bot Building, IOT


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math these four disciplines form the core of STEM.

Python with AI

Create applications that have artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc features embedded in them

Learn - Share - Explore

Unlimited Possibilities